Friday, February 02, 2007

Pimp my WHAT? (W.I.P)

My ride don't need pimped, its a sweet ass scooter. This is just a sketch that i drew up so far. Not sure if i like the pose on the scooter. And that's my cat batman trailing behind holding on for dear life.



Blogger boob said...

I like the idea and sketch so far! The cat is great. This reminds me of FLCL. I could totally see the helmet and goggles but it's probably more important to make it you. You can have a lotta fun with streaking color and motion lines and sparks or smoke or whatever as you whip through the turn.

As for the pose, you might consider hunkering down lower - closer to the handle bars per say. Gritting teeth maybe. Like leaning down/forward looking into the turn as if in a race. Could be cool. If that doesn't work, maybe think about where the weight should go when you're in a high speed turn. Probably more on the inside. Arms could be stretched completely straight, body upright but still leaning to the side and back a bit, head tilted back, open mouth smile having a blast while the cat hangs on for dear life. Kinda like what ya have started here - maybe just pushed a bit more.

Just talkin' out loud here :)

I'd like to see where this one ends up! Sweet.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Shanzilla said...

thanks for the critque! yeah i was inspired by FLCL and used the scooter toy from the show to help draw the scooter. I'll definitely draw up some of the your pose suggestions. I'm always grateful for feedback! thanks

11:00 AM  

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