Friday, January 26, 2007

California Grizzly (Pups)

So, our mascot in high school was the grizzly bear. As a freshman, I thought it evoked a sense of fear in our rivals. By the time I was a senior, this is how I pictured him. Lazy and clueless. I think he was tagged, tracked, broke into a rich San Ramon soccer mom's car who became irrate that her leather seats were damage so she had it shot and rolled off a cliff somewhere in the redwoods. Yup, that's about what my four years there felt like.



Blogger Jason said...

Awesome. 50+ club mates and I'm commenting on my own stuff. " jason, that's a really cute bear. Kinda sketchy quality. Mess with the color of his fur more, that'd be cool. Sounds like weak school spirit. Keep it up!" Yeah, something like that. My new New Year's resolution. Comment on other artists' posts more. Makes the community feel more like, well.....a community.

12:18 AM  
Blogger boob said...

You took the words right outta my mouth Jason...

This teddy is definitely more adorable than ferocious. Interesting take on the fur. Looks like the fur kinda radiates from the stomach outward. Feels more natural that way rather than aimless scribbles. Cool.

Two little things that bother me:
the clarity of the right arm/paw. It look like it's kinda curling around and bending the arm the wrong way but it's dark and I can't see any digits. I guess it's just hard to read for me.

And I'm sure this is just me, but it feels a bit strange that the bear is leaning to one side. Seems a little skewed. It's nice to have asymmetry in a drawing, but this is one case where I think I'd rather see the opposite.

Hope I haven't over stepped my bounds with the crits here.

And for the record I'm still waiting for the day I look back on high school with fond memories.

Keep it up! :)

1:23 AM  
Blogger E said...

I wouldn't get down on not having people comment on your work, Jason. The piece has to elicit that sort of response in people and everyone here has a different "trigger" that'll get 'em to start talking. I've got stuff up on my personal blog that's not been commented on for weeks, but I just keep plugging along and putting stuff out there, if for nothing other than myself. I've got something that could be considered a "talent" and I'm not going to waste it.

As for your Grizzly, I'd agree with boob on the right arm there.

Also, the contrast seems a bit off in places. The face is good, but as you move down everything gets more uniformly dark until you get to the legs and it's hard to mak out the shapes of things - paws, hind-legs, shadow, etc. Just some general stuff you may want to consider for the next post.

Which you'll be posting when, perchance? ;)

1:32 AM  

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