Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Superbowl Shuffle

Hey everyone, this is a bit late but it's still in time for the big game. This one goes out to everyone who remembers the '85 Bears - their spirit still watches over us today.

"They're so bad, they know they're good!"



Blogger boob said...

I remmeber. We were pulled out of class in elementary school for an improptu "assembly" so we could all watch the Superbowl Shuffle.

I like how unamused the lone colt is. And the Bears with the sax-a-ma-phones are a nice touch.

Man those guys couldn't sing or dance...

2:23 AM  
Blogger Animal Qwacker said...

Ha! Love that classic 80's set!

12:38 PM  
Blogger bluelily17 said...

:) GO BEARS! I remember

8:04 PM  
Blogger Dave Pryor said...

I was sick with the flu on the day of that Superbowl - but my Dad threw a big party, and it was sure a huge deal.

The party-time atmosphere is charmingly captured here.

11:42 PM  

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