Friday, January 26, 2007

Quick Betty, Late Betty

First time posting here, even though I joined about three weeks ago. Did this pretty quickly, after I figured out the pose. But figuring out the pose took about 35 sketches to get even close to something I liked (still not entirely happy with it).

Maybe I'll be less lazy (or busy) and have a more finished piece on the next post - cleaner inks or maybe even color! Heck, I'm just happy with myself that I posted something.

And thanks for letting me have some fun with you all here. There's some really great artwork being thrown about; still going through it all.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great! I worry about finalizing my sketches as well, but it's always better to just put it out there! It's an awesome pose and I hope to see more stuff from ya'!

10:21 AM  
Blogger boob said...

Wow - great!

I know what you're saying about the 35 sketches. There's always a lot of warm up for me too.

There's a lot that's unique in your Betty here. I like her face and there's some nice flow in that foreground leg. The handcuffs are squared off slightly - not that circular. I'm attracted to stuff that takes on different shapes than what you might be used to.

Great to see some new people from time to time! Hope the blog continues to encourage you and we see get to see more!

1:22 PM  
Blogger E said...

Aaawww, thanks, guys.

Sammy - I'm farily certain that I over-think when I draw. I agree that I need to get more into the "just get it out there" frame of mind when it comes to art.

Boob - Yes, warm up and working out the rusty kinks. Seems like the longer I go betwewn sketching sessions, the longer it takes me get back into the swing of it. I'm actually pretty proud, and honest, when I say I drew the hand-cuffs squared off and angular on purpose. Thought it went well and made sense with all of the curvey, flowing lines that make up her body.

Again, thanks for the comments and encouragement. Very much appreciated!

1:59 AM  

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