Monday, October 23, 2006

Week 13

Fairy Tales and Nursery Themes
Outsider Art Club, session 113

This one's a bit late on my part, but here's Shannah's theme:

Fairy tales and Nursery rhymes:

I was looking through my books to find an idea for a theme and I came across my grim's fairytales book and a nursery rhyme book. I read a couple of them and thought it would be cool to draw some scenes or twist up the characters. Make Hansel and Gretel fat greedy leiterhousened brats that go around eating peoples houses. Or even take a Nursery rhyme and draw that in all its oddness. (Rock-a-bye-baby, in a TREE TOP!) Babies don’t go in trees.

Don Dixon, you're next!

Get to drawing!

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Blogger Greg said...

Great theme! I hope I have time to one this week. But if not here are some good ones from the Blue Sky blog...

7:46 PM  

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