Saturday, October 14, 2006

Week 12

Bully for Vintage Advertising!
Outsider Art Club, session 112

Nice job this week with Kurt's theme, everybody. Here's Mandy's theme:

Bully for Vintage Advertising!

It’s the 1900’s. The Art Nouveau style was at its peak, the industrial age was in full swing with a culture of consumerism, and advertisements were popping up everywhere.

But how would our modern-day electronics and fads be represented back then? How would an i-pod or “MacIntosh’s Isotope Podding Device “ be advertised in the 1900’s? Feel free to design these things true to the era, y’know made of wood or having turning cranks, iron knobs, moustaches….

Ladies and Gentlemen, retrieve your graphites and get to drafting!

Shannah O'Meara, you're next!

Get to drawing!

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Oh yes. I like. *brain working*

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