Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ketchup Gallery

This blog is lousy with tumbleweeds, I tell ya! In an effort to keep this thing moving--at least for a little while--I've decided to tackle some previous topics for which I had not submitted a drawing. These pieces represent "Pimp My Ride" and "Draw Your Favorite Sports Mascot", respectively. You can probably tell which one I enjoyed more (Hint: it ain't the unicycle!), and I consider that picture an utter failure in almost every regard. Why submit it, or even finish it, you may ask? I believe that we should learn from our creative mistakes, and also make them as public as possible so that the shame can propel us forward to more successful endeavors. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these, even if that enjoyment manifests as derisive laughter. More to come...


Blogger Dave Pryor said...

Great illustrations Ian! Glad you are keeping the torch burning here. I was wondering why there was no new topic for a while.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Don Dixon's Blog said...

Very nice image! I have been so outta the loop on this blog! Hopefully I will get my ass back in gear! Great stuff!

12:52 PM  

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