Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Shameless Plug

Sorry I got to do it. The POPGUN Vol. 1 will be out in stores and available at Amazon and other fine comic retailers online in November. " The first PopGun Comics Anthology is well over 500 pages and it's a
beast. The idea behind the book is an anthology that appeals to a
wide market. There are no safe anthology stories here, and PopGun has
a real life and a pulse to it. PopGun screams rock 'n roll, Andy
Warhol, super spies, rocket packs, grindhouse flicks, vinyl records,
old comics that time forgot. In a way, the book is a love letter to
everything we love about pop art - comics, records, movies, etc.
PopGun is a four color mixtape for the planet to plug into and come
out realizing comics are part of the larger pop art spectrum."






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