Monday, December 11, 2006

Week 18

Mother Goose: the Movie
Outsider Art Club, session 118

A big thank you goes out to everyone who responded to last week's e-mail request for more topics: we now have a huge library of inventive ideas to choose from! We'll still be going down the list week by week, but if someone no-shows we won't be in such a pickle. I'll also be sifting through the last month or so of posts and comments this week in order to edit down our clubmates list off to the side, so you still have some time to send something in!

As a further point of clarification, you'll still be a full-fledged member if you end up being pulled from the sidebar; anyone who joins the club will be able to sign in and post or comment until they request to be pulled. You just won't be listed as a contributing member until you, well, contribute!

This week's theme comes from the man known as KK2k6 (for at least 20 more days!), Kurt Kannellos:

Mother Goose: The Movie

Create a movie poster for a well-known nursery rhyme or childrenÂ’s story as if it were being adapted into an epic, big-budget action/horror/sci-fi flick.

One more thing: I've been running behind a bit these last few weeks, and I have to apologize for that. From here on out, I'll be posting these here themes bright and early Saturday mornings. I'm gonna be teaching an 8:30 AM class on Saturday, so I can almost guarantee I'll be waking up before the rest of you. :)

What are ya waiting for: get to drawing!

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Blogger Baron said...

hmm... I think I have a couple of ideas... But it's always harder to illustrate it, than to think of it! Week 18 guys, lets go!

5:33 PM  

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