Sunday, November 05, 2006

Week 15

Spaghetti Symphony
Outsider Art Club, session 115

Here's Ian's theme for the next week:

Spaghetti Symphony

I call this one “Spaghetti Symphony”, and unlike previous assignments, this one has executable instructions. Pick a song that might inspire you to create; it could be a favorite song or a song you actively dislike. Play this song once while sitting in front of your drawing board or computer or whatever. While it is playing, close your eyes and scribble across your drawing surface, hurriedly or deliberately, to whatever degree you feel compelled. Once the music has stopped, look at what you’ve set down and try to find a picture inside of it. The main rule is this: your finished image must be comprised only of elements found within your scribbles; also, the finished piece must show evidence of the unused lines. The drawings may be loose, even abstract, and they might end up just being colorful nonsense mosaics: this one’s about the journey, not the idea.

Rocky is next on the theme list: e-mail the club hotline by next Friday with your theme!

Get to drawing!

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Blogger boob said...

This is gold Ian. I severely approve. Love the experimentation.

1:20 PM  

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