Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Alright, I know this doesn't exactly fit the bill since Pete Yorn isn't an important historical figure, but I was listening to the Live From New Jersey CD and he just happened to say he used to work at a bar in NJ and people kept getting pissed that he wouldn't make them drinks since he wasn't the bartender. He's famous...this is before he was famous...I figured it was as close as I'd get right now, I'll think on another figure in the meantime.



Blogger WillRyan said...

AWESOME! I didn't know that someone else in the OAC listens to Pete.

Did you get the new cd yet? What do you think of it, best one yet?

I'm a little excited, sorry. :)

8:58 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

hey thanks! Yeah I got it the day it came out and have been rockin to it ever since! I'm not sure it's his best , there aren't as many stand-out tracks as the other two in my humble opinion. I do LOVE the cd though!

9:15 AM  
Blogger boob said...

Yorn still counts. He had a life before becoming Mr. music guy...right?

That guy in foreground is definitely angry. Love the hard lines in his face and his shading.

Yorn's mug reminds me of Ash (Army of Darkness) and I like that his mouth so far offset.

The one hand holding the bowl bugs me a bit but a great post regardless!

2:27 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Thanks! Yeah that hand was buggin me big time, if I get a chance I'll fix it. :-)

11:31 PM  
Blogger Dave Pryor said...

The linework is looking pretty sharp here. The characters have some real appeal here. I thought he was eating a bowl of cereal, but then realized he was just eating an ashtray full of cigarette butts. The shapes of the bottles on the wall are bit bizzare, but hey, the colors make it interesting!

9:24 PM  

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